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Bent cpu pins

ThomasNet. Jul 07, 2019 · You shouldn’t apply pressure on the CPU, only make sure that the pins and holes are properly aligned. Current: X201 (i5-540M, 8 GiB, 160 GB), 365XD (120 MHz, 72 MiB, 6. I asked them to return it to the official supplier of Greece, Info Quest Technologies. the pins can be repaired ,as well as socket replaced for $80. So, I can only conclude that the bent pins have also taken out my CPU with them! Jan 24, 2019 · If just few bent pins, you may fix them physically (carefully). You can straighten them and keep using the CPU as if nothing happened. It's still not easy to see 1 bent pin out of a pool of 1155 pins unless it's obviously screwed up. 2 days ago Unfortunately during shipping the new CPU also had a bent pin. Much higher. I usually use three tools to straighten bent CPU pins: 1 – A small jeweler’s screwdriver 2 – An empty mechanical pencil (no lead inside of it) 3 – A credit card. Land Side Cover. Next locate the CPU socket on the motherboard. I just finished replacing my CPU going from an AMD Ryzen 2600 to a Ryzen 3800X. ASUS claimed it was bent pins, and wanted so much money that my friend told ASUS to return the board as-is. May 09, 2011 · Just use the knife to slowly and gently stand the bent pins back up. But. 1" XGA, X21 bent pins on pentium 2. They varied from 20-80 degree angles. Crashing Computer, Alternative Troubleshooting Possibilities Crashing Computer, Troubleshooting RAM: Partial Samples from the Tests insisted to install the cpu in front of me after i inspected the pins from brand new. Unable to test any other components. Many packages are keyed to ensure the proper insertion of the CPU. videoblocks. but the cpu is in the socket. Not bent bad but nevertheless slightly. So I pulled out the CPU and used a flashlight to check all the pins and found one that was bent, however due to shipping times the MOBO is now out of warranty, so I just have a useless MOBO sitting around. there is no way to fix bent pins on a socket or cpu. I carefully bent them back and it worked for another year or so till I built him a new system. This is because CPU can’t be inserted into the socket if pins aren’t 100% straight. I guess I'll go out and invent a device to unbend pins for Techies! I tried with all methods and really Of course the first thing I did was open the socket cover - only to find a couple of bent pins. Re:Bent CPU pins on X58 motherboards 2010/03/20 18:20:45 If you ever do bend pins, you can carefully fix them by using a credit card or hard piece of plastic - under a magnifying light. This can be caused by a defective CPU, out of spec Power Supply, Bent CPU socket pins, CPU incompatible with BIOS version or defective Motherboard Damage in the Socket January 19, 2018 6:58 PM Subscribe Help me save the day and my friend's first computer build from bent pins in the CPU socket on the motherboard. Sep 9th, 2006 7:39 pm #10 Bent pins have fried cpu's before, I have seen scorched cpu's before. Compared to LGA, it is easier since you're handling the CPU instead of the socket, but as long as you take your time and have it aligned right, noting should be bent. Comes with debug codes F9/15/36. I had a ASUS Z77 board with bent pins and I tried to fix them but they broke off completely and I had to throw the board away. After having bent a few CPU socket pins, I had to wonder if there was a better way of putting in the CPU without taking that risk. Obviously warranty won't cover this so I can't send it back to the supplier. RMT2 June 20, 2011 at 12:35:18 Specs: Windows XP Home Edition, Intel Pentium 4 @ 3. Also, PGA motherboards are more resilient and sturdier. First time it was running for over 2 years, now it was running just few months. 4. Then use the plastic card to make sure the bent pins stand up perfectly with all of the others around it. These pins connect the CPU to a socket or circuit board. I pulled the new CPU out and pins look good so I feel it too went in correctly. I had this teacher in Computer Science five years ago, who has advanced to the position of Dean of the same department, at one of Oregon's colleges. I tried unbending them myself but I do not have like a magnifying tool so I am afraid I will do more damage than help. it depends on the cpu. Again, fans only. I tried to get an RMA but they deny it. You have a pinless CPU, you drop it in, it can only fit one way. Re: Bent Pins - CPU socket -Warranty Issue « Reply #5 on: 04-June-15, 14:21:37 » Alternatively if you don't have steady hands but still wants to fix it (instead of RMA), you could ask some watchmaker or jeweler if they can do it for you. * Google search "cpu pin repair" for commercial options. Mar 27, 2019 · Nah it can't damage the Cpu if you install her with bent Cpu pin. com/ techyescity_0917 Can you fix Bent pins on Ryzen CPUs? How to fix a busted up motherbo 19 Sep 2017 Bent socket pins on a motherboard can be a HUGE bummer but can you feel comfortable fixing them yourself? Intel sponsor link: Check out HP's Omen X featuring Intel's 7th Generation Core i7 7700K processor on  2 Jun 2019 Bent pins will prevent the CPU from seating normally and likely cause hardware errors in your computer. If the whole pin is fell off (but just 1 or 2 pins). While inserting a CPU I've dropped it and a corner of the CPU bent a couple pins. All pins are straight and happy _____ Visit ABC CPU - Virtual CPU Museum. I program microcontrollers that have as few as 8 pins, cpu's on motherboards have many more as they are required to interface with external devices such as memory busses CPU pins were bent maybe around 15 to 20 pins. Please try again later. That was dropping it about 4mm. Bent pins are simple pins with one straight end and a 25° angle bent arm at the opposite end. . The Intel socket 775 has the pins on the motherboard instead of the CPU. 5" EMC 2638 Processor few pins are bent If you checked pins, and they are bent, that means that you haven’t put your CPU to the socket properly. even if you can find anyone who can guarantee of fixing broken pins . 820-2733-A, 27" iMac Logic Board, Bent Socket Pins - Used $32. the CPU was placed perfectly into the socket. Before installing a component on your motherboard, be sure to carefully inspect the CPU, the socket and the motherboard for bent pins. Received response back from seller stating damage was due to "incorrect installation", not covered by warranty, refund denied. Fix it. Oct 07, 2012 · I have bent pins on a CPU before but was able to straighten them without breaking them. however, it may fry the rest of the CPU (no big loss) it could damage your system. Reply to this topic; Start new topic Feb 22, 2020 · Almost certainly the Cpu is the problem, you can try to carefully straighten the bent pins, I use a small flat end screwdriver for this, if you look at the pins when the Cpu is almost flat in your hand you can see which pins are bent and which direction to bend them back. Well I now realize that I bent something. Jul 21, 2007 · I thought my temps were too high after lapping my IHS and HSF. If you have bent pins on your CPU, you’re definitely not going to have a functioning computer. pentium 4. The appearance of a normal CPU socket The appearance of a damaged CPU socket Land Grid Array (no pins, exposed land pads), gold pads • Notched substrate for orientation control • Shipping Media: Thermoformed trays • Land Side Cover (LSC) to protect LGA package land pads from scratches and contamination when handled with vacuum wand or by hand. I have CPU incident at two areas. Looked at a couple vids on youtube (Jayz2cents and RandomGamingInHD). They told me the same that the pins were bent that is out of the warranty because that can happen only because of bad usage and I should checked the pins before. The reason this is fine is because the pins were bent were on the Quick Path Interconnect (QPI) side Intel uses to link 2 CPU's together. Check for protruding, sunken, bent, or broken pins. Be sure you understand what all the pins on the chips can do. 4 GB, 4x CD-ROM, 10. This low cost pin comes standard drilled to be used with a wire form pin. totally worthless), and after following this guide, you'll never buy a new, or used even, CPU again, and you'll only buy (amd) CPUs with bent pins!. any idea what pins are the vcc pins? if you can maybe edit this picture to point them out The grease was like Elmer's glue it was noctua thermal paste, gentle rocking the AIO to break seal rocking it for about a slow burn of 7 mins, pulled it off and processor was stuck pulling the cpu out while I closed socket, didn't realize any pins where bent or anything, so I struggled removing CPU of the aio itself it was like glue, so cleaned Jan 24, 2017 · That is a bent CPU, one that I had bought just two weeks back for $230+ USD. They are made of indium coated with a very small amount of gold, I believe, and both of those are very soft metals. if i turn on my mobo will it blow everything up? or JUST the cpu? i wanna see if it works but dont want to blow my mobo Nov 28, 2012 · Joined: 5/10/2009. During inspection when unpacking the motherboard just prior to installing the CPU, we too saw the bent pins – that’s why we sent it back. I tried every tutorial that popped up when Googling "CPU bent pins" - using credit cards, sewing needles, and a hunting knife to get the pins back into position - but to no avail: For every pin I get straightened out, two others are bent. The questions are: It's probable the bent pins kept some, if not all of the CPU's contacts from doing their thing. Tooth paste is not the same (not even close) as thermal paste. Very impesesd with your commitment. Angle it to get light reflections off the pins to see the odd one out. The rest are fine. The hundreds of pins on the base of the CPU are easily damaged if you apply undue force. If the pins are are in really bad shape you can use an empty mechanical pencil tip to place over the pin and stand it upright. Anyway, most of the pins have been brought in the correct position again (real exhausting work by the way) but one of them seems to - iMac Intel 21. 3 = 50 thats 50 amps a lot more than 1 or 2 pins can handle there are a lot of the pins that are Vcore and VSS pins. Inspect the new CPU to verify that it has no bent pins. Anywhere from 10-30% of the pins on many CPUs are either ground pins, unused or "reserved for future uses" so you may just get lucky. Bent pins on Socket 775 motherboard I was stupid enough to bend the pins on the socket and now the board is unusable. 99 Logic Board Apple Part #820-2733-AThis is a Apple logic board that is being sold for parts. The Story: Recently I tried to upgrade my set up by getting a used ryzen 1600. The density of the pins in a new motherboard is pretty hard to deal with, the pins aren't on the CPU now. anyhow i For future reference I read in a magazine somewhere that a mechanical pencil with no lead in the tip works awesome for straitening out bent cpu pins. So, I just pulled on them lightly until Mar 24, 2014 · On LGA1156, 1155 and 1150, the CPU cooler can be overtightened quite easily and can result in bent pins if there is (excessively) more pressure on any one corner of the processor than the others. I tried with light shining at different angles, with a magnifier, etc. Figure 5 shows a bent pin. and there i found that i dont know how but 2 pins on back plane bus was BEND and came out a bit from the back plane. Be mindful of the retaining bracket, any possible snags, etc etc. Some of the OEM Service Manuals mention a CPU Insertion Tool, which they recommend specifically for this purpose. So a PGA is going to plug into a ZIF socket. take apart a click type pen and remove the ink cartridge and then slide the end where the point came out over the bent pin and carefully bend it back straight. Bent pins are very typical. Published on Mar 21, 2016. But this one is even trickier. No Welcome to the premier industrial source for Bent Pins. After examination, I see that one of the outermost pins are bent. Also got fully working intel pentium g3420 cpu lga 1150. The socket may still works. I have successfully straightened CPU pins before, but the problem is that they usually break if they are severely bent. If the pins on the board get bent send it to us and we will fix and clean the board for you in a timely manner. Subscribe to Envato Elements for unlimited Stock Video downloads for a single monthly fee. CPU socket pins are bent. I was going to take a picture of the bent pins, but I decided not to, so I could save time. However, before I found out How to use simple tools in order to fix a CPU with bent pins, Dont let your processor with bent pins go to waste. Re: Bent socket 2011 pins and CPU damage? Wed Apr 04, 2012 8:19 am Odd, I've built/replaced about 4 Intel systems (1155 and 775) in the past month and never realized that bending the pins in the Apr 16, 2020 · I tried to install parts today and some of pins of the cpu( a ryzen) got bent, and it was the first time i was building one i had lots of tutorials etc Searched it on google and youtube, people just bend them back to straight, that's what i did but havent completed it yet. Check the CPU grid before installing the CPU onto it. A GPU cannot post any messages unless the CPU is running. One snapped off. Radeon 7500 (OC'd to 339/245) | Windows XP Home | PIII 800EB (OC'd to 840), 512MB PC133 RAM (OC'd to 140), VIA 694X Chipset | Soundblaster Live! | 3 x 30GB & 1 x 40 GB Maxtor HDD handled by SIIG ATA/133 Controller Card & MoBo ATA/100 | MS Sidewinder, Panther DX, Nostrom0 N50 controllers | 300W PSU | But it's got some bent pins, more like mis aligned but not got anything small enough to try put em right. I'm suprised it has worked up to this point after the ordeal which you said it has been through. Out of the several dozen intel boards from 775 on up to the current 1150 that have used this LGA arrangement, I have only had the one board with bent pins that caused any noticeable issues. I wish I had thought of that before I tried to straighten the bent pins on my P4 1. Finding the CPU Socket. Sep 05, 2006 · I got the 6400+ processor today. Yep,purchased one from MSY Varsity Lakes a couple of weeks ago and the sales guy fitted the CPU,he said too many returns from bent pins when CPU is improperly fitted,if you just purchase MB you have to confirm no bent pins. Looking £30 for it. However the pins were not so much damaged as they are now. Thing is, I used stock Intel cooler, that I got with i3 May 18, 2017 · My older brother bent a few pins on a 200mhz cpu years ago trying to put it in the wrong way. Tried to fix and straighten bent pins and install back all parts again 6. -over redundant FTW. If one is in fact broken off, that might not be covered under their warranty (physical damage). * Having improperly installed or handled the CPU (unless it arrived with bent pins) will void your warranty on the CPU. get a new system or a mobo with CPUsafety first. It will look 8 Nov 2017 AMD CPUs are notorious for folks accidentally damaging pins so in this episode I decided to show you how to repair this common issue! ○○○○○○ Items feature 13 Sep 2017 Get a Free 7 Day Trial on Videoblocks here - http://www. In my case, some of the pins looked lined up from above, but when I felt them with my finger tips, I noticed a section that sat lower than the pins around it. Wazza can provide additional information based on his X58 experience. Luckily it wasn't too much money, just annoying and a major waste of time. Reply to: Bad gaming performance caused by bent CPU pins? PLEASE NOTE: Do not post advertisements, offensive materials, profanity, or personal attacks. If you can afford it. The companies featured in the following listing offer a comprehensive range of Bent Pins, as well as a variety of related products and services. Things You'll Need * A CPU * A gift card, credit card, or ID I hate to say it, but bent cpu socket pins can cause a loss of memory. All of those holes that are in the CPU socket are matching with pins that are on the CPU itself. Load Plate Tip A CPU socket is made of plastic, and often comes with a lever or latch, and with metal contacts for each of the pins or lands on the CPU. Oct 17, 2017 · The term pin describes the small metal extrusions on the bottom of a CPU or IC. When I opened the package a couple pins were bent. You might want to re-check the CPU pins and make sure the CPU sets in the socket without any effort. 4" TFT) Past: T61p 15. I wouldn't want to risk breaking it if it's working as-is. One thing to note is they can be bent in all 3 dimensions. Hello guys, I just bent 2 pins of my ryzen 5 3600. Max degree of bent is like 45 degree. I've always known AMD platforms to be a pain when removing the CPU, normally resulting in bent CPU pins. Building your own computer can be fun, and it's easier now than ever. So, good luck It is easier to tell when holding the board. It doesn't do that common thing where it keeps trying to start up and shutting down, it just shuts down once, and that's it. Some of the more recent CPUs don’t have pins because the pins are on the motherboard, if so then you don’t need to worry about this step. Why is there not some huge warning on AMD CPUs that they can pop out of the socket? Or could the  Now, I took real care to handle the CPU gently during installation, but I noticed that it wouldn't fall into place in the socket as it should. I had an HP laptop when I was in A-School in Florida, it suddenly died on me, just shorted itself out of the blue. Jun 09, 2011 · Instead, lift up the CPU, check that the pins are straight and the socket is wide open, and try again. on socket 1155 it is not so easy to fix bent pins because they are much more sensitive. I bought a new CPU thinking the bent pins killed the original and carefully put it in. Condition: Sold AS-IS/Parts only. The top of the CPU is relatively flat. so don't try to force it or you may end up damaging your CPU (We've bent CPU pins that way, and it Bent pins on motherboard cpu socket. So I don't know if ASUS was blowing smoke at me, or my over-40 eyes simply couldn't see the bent Nov 06, 2019 · When they removed the CPU Cooler, the CPU came off the motherboard damaged (bent or broken pins). I understand that it's not Asus fault on bent pins, but when you do an RMA, what's their policy if there is 2-3 pins that are bent or out of position? Once those pins are bent, who knows what else is going on. Pictured is a close-up of a CPU, showing how pins on the CPU may become bent. Ive fixed multiple AMD cpus and a single intel motherboard that had bent pins. I decided to try and bend it back and try it out, and lo and behold it ended up working. Dec 17, 2019 · Bent CPU Mobo pins So I'm looking at a board on eBay where the description says it has Bent CPU pins. sykozis , Mar 28, 2014 Nov 25, 2009 · Yeah, the CPU stuck to the heatsink is common, but as long as they've been mated up properly to the socket, you are usually fine. i havent temperd with it in any way i simply took off the cpu protector and inspected and i doubt the damage was done in transit in witch Feb 07, 2017 · Yes bent pins can cause all kinds of issues and you have two at least. Then we can see what pins are damaged and the best way to fix them. There may be some missing, bent, or broken parts on the logic board. friends and family for free Biggest no no in IT. Download Bent CPU Pins Stock Video by Christian_Fletcher. 0" QXGA, T60p 15. 0" QXGA, X61 Tablet SXGA+, R51e 14. You can try and unbend a pin with tweezers, a credit card or even a needle, but you’ll need to be extremely careful in order to not accidentally bend other pins. There are several pins that are bent on the new INTEL MB that i recently purchased and found it to have some bent pins. 4 Apr 2013 I hate to tell you but your CPU is well and truly dead. Only solution is to either buy a new board or sent it for repair. You should never power a computer on with the heat sync removed; it is there for a reason, not just for looks. Seen from a tilted angle, normal pins are neat and orderly. It may be possible to replace a bulging or blown capacitor, but it requires Basically, pins 2-6 go all the way up, but pins 1 and 8 are bent down about halfway. For the CPU, a visual check requires you to remove the CPU from the computer. CPU Clock Speed Mar 06, 2010 · If you can bend them into place, it should work properly. The bent pins act like little springs, so when the CPU is clamped onto the motherboard, they press firmly against the CPU's contact pads. Oct 07, 2009 · Bent pins. The difference is that minor damage is easy to repair on the CPU, but very hard to do on the Another CPU rescued - SUN UltraSparc IIIi DEV no speed marks. So, I Sep 21, 2013 · Quite the opposite. If that don't fix your problem then run Memtest86 from a USB stick to check your RAM modules. We can also repair the pins on your CPU’s. One area only a little bent pins and second area with more numbers of bent pins and also smaller area with bent pins against each other pins. If you don't have a second CPU installed, then there's about 150 PIN's on CPU1 that aren't active, which is why this issue doesn't crop up until you try and install a second processor. Bent pins can definitely impact performance since there's less contact, but it's odd that your games are affected but your CPU stress tests ran without a hitch. Posts: 4. CPU fan moves slightly, PSU fan moves slightly, then it powers down. 00 . i havent temperd with it in any way i simply took off the cpu protector and inspected and i doubt the damage was done in transit in witch Apr 18, 2011 · Yeah, this is the message he sent "hello i received the motherbourd in the post the otherday and ive just had a chance to have a look at it and im not verry happy as all the cpu pins are bend so bad the motherbourd is usless i find this highly desressing. One missing VCC or VSS pin wont stop it from working. Also realize there are a few gaps between pins. bent pins can be made to work if little pins are bent and are not severely bent . But it will be very depends on which pin is broken. Fragile little Nov 22, 2016 · As you probably guessed, bent pins can cause the processor from seating normally as well as potentially cause hardware issues immediately or down the road. Once your sure everything looks good, carefully attempt place the CPU into the socket. Depending on the CPU BATCH, Country of Origin (Malay, Costa Rica, Vietnam), and based on my experience of more than 50 CPUs delidded using the manual method, this is what I got: Intel Series 3 Check for bent CPU pins, if all of the pins are in a uniform, try testing the processor if possible in another system, or using a different processor on the current system. This will damage the CPU, but it shouldn’t hurt the motherboard unless you push so hard that the motherboard itself cracks. Please remember to be considerate of other But AM4 CPU has1331 pins and thats much more while also in the middle is empty part (square), so density of pins is higher. I managed to put 4 back perfectly, but I noticed one of the pins is bent backwards a bit (the pin itself is bent, not just the angle) Although I managed to move it so the tip of the pin is in line with the rest of the rows. May 24, 2014 · Intel and AMD both do not cover bent pins in their warranty. I've replaced my Noctua NH D15 on my old Intel at least 6-7 times, and it has never once pried the CPU out of its socket. The guy said pretty much tough luck, not mines any more. I recently RMA'ed a bad motherboard to the manufacturer and they said there were bent pins in the CPU socket and they would not further process the RMA warranty claim unless I paid an extra $40 to cover the damage. 3v 65 \ 1. Rating: (0) Kiren, hello The same problem i too had once in my plant. Mar 11, 2007 · There is no way to replace broken pins on a CPU, unless you have special equipment and skill. So, any additional advice would be LGA pins are quite sensitive to being bent-- but so are the pins underneath older ZIF-style CPUs. Did have a test with cpu , did not post. You need to either VERY VERY CAREFULLY bend them back so they insert into the correct slots/holes, or replace the CPU. Once the CPU is removed, check for bent pins on the side that is inserted into the motherboard. Is there anywhere to go or some way I can get it replaced. But there were some places where there never were any pins to begin with, the 5 places where you can see the gold spots on the bottom row of pins in the bottom left corner of the MCM in the last 2 pictures. Can that ruin a CPU? AMD CPU pins, for instance, can be a little trickier to line up with the holes in the socket. I figured if the pins are bent, it would only recognize and use what it can see but its seeing 8GB and saying only 6GB is usable. 9 (I dropped it from 3" onto the floor). i have five pins on a used motherboard that according to your diagram are earths and power pins which are bent or missing. That's where I'm at. You must be very careful or the pin will bend too far and break off. I had a few bent pins 2 years ago on a X58 (LGA 1366) board and there was no problem to fix them. C indicates an issue with the CPU. I looked at the CPU socket, and I swear, I couldn't see any bent pins. Sep 14, 2017 · But if you had wholesale bent pins, it could be iffy to know if single unused pin (in your configuration) is still bent. 20GHz, 4 Apr 18, 2011 · Yeah, this is the message he sent "hello i received the motherbourd in the post the otherday and ive just had a chance to have a look at it and im not verry happy as all the cpu pins are bend so bad the motherbourd is usless i find this highly desressing. The 8350 I have is mostly all bent. Thread starter so somehow I managed to bend a small area of pins when putting a flat CPU in, or the pins were bent afterwards but then negating the point Bent Pins. You say that half of your pins are bent, but in fact they all are: One half of the pins bend one way, and the other half bend another way, like they've been combed with a tiny brush. I just used my bare eyes and tweezers and fixed a socket that had about 15 bent pins. i recently installed a 3770K in a Gigabyte Z77X-UD4H mobo. Sometimes we screw up and bend/break pins. Aug 21, 2017 · (And yes, I have bent CPU pins myself; on an elderly P4, when trying to remove a recalcitrant heatsink. Take great care when handling, especially when you're installing them onto the motherboard. So what I am wondering is. As long as the IDE cable fits it should be fine. 5. There appears to be an Intel CPU diagnostic that you can download. By special order a groove can be turned at the end that can be secured with a retaining ring. Pins on CPU chips These are the different types of pins that will be found on a CPU. Bent pins may result in short circuits or cause fi re. No one has ever "repaired" bent socket pins. I'd however been using the Board for 4 weeks. The other thing you might give a shot is resetting CMOS. that would have caused more than a bent PCB. com provides numerous search tools, including location, certification and keyword filters, to help you refine your results. I have a HP pavilion p6210y with a Manufacturer's motherboard name: Pegatron M2N78-LA HP/Compaq name: Violet-GL8E I looked on the website for the upgrade and it lists the following: Socket type: AM2 TDP: Motherboard supports the following processor upgrades: AMD Athlon X2 (Bt) A Nov 03, 2014 · Windows 7 Forums is the largest help and support community, providing friendly help and advice for Microsoft Windows 7 Computers such as Dell, HP, Acer, Asus or a custom build. You certainly would need a new CPU, does the system POST at all when you  9 Dec 2012 You can also find bent/'broken pinned CPU's for a quarter for their new price. You can also find bent/'broken pinned CPU's for a quarter for their new price online (yes, they aren't totally worthless), and after following this guide, you'll never buy a new, or used even, CPU again, and you'll only buy (amd) CPUs with bent pins! Check whether the CPU socket has bent pins. Additionally unless they can somehow link a bent cpu pin to a damaged audio Controller, which they havn't mentioned nor tried to claim, then i'd recieved a First don't ever power on a board with a known bad socket . Do a search. Now I suspected 2 problems, maybe it was a bad CPU or MB that has caused all the issues? But the reality now is I have a bent CPU pins and maybe a bad MB socket after I have forcefully pull off the heatsink and CPU. A 65w watt CPU with a Vcore of 1. Has anyone here attempted repair work before? I'm thinking of seeing if it is possible to revive them or do the boards end up in the bin? One is a Rampage IV Formula and the other is a X79 Classified. Definitely not an easy job, but possible. Re: X58A-UD3R - Bent Cpu Pins? look in the bios in system info page and see how much ram is listed,then look in windows control panel/system and security/system and see how much ram is show there it can be bent pins/overtightened cpu cooler/not enough qpi/vtt voltage or a blown capacitor,as ive had a board repaired in the past for the same I have two 2011 mobo's that has some bent pins (i. Nov 30, 2011 · Today i give you the story of a Pentium 4 478 with bent pins and how i was able to save it, all started when Shipping a computer A friend of mine that lives in another state, decided to send one of his unused computers back to one of his relatives, he reformatted and packaged all the discs and papers in a single box, the old Pentium 4 socket 478 HP case was wrapped in protective foam to Apr 18, 2004 · to staighten the pins on the cpu i was tought a trick by an old timer. If it had been due to rough  http://www. Load Plate Tab 2. also, i lined it up perfectly and lowered it in slowly, so it did not How can I avoid bending the pins on the GX260 P4 processor, when I am trying to remove the processor chip, after a fan blower failure? After removing the heat sink assembly with no force on my part, and NO resistance what-so-ever from the processor chip, the processor chip's pins were bent. CPUs with a PGA (pin grid array) package are inserted into the socket and, if included, the latch is closed. MOTHERBOARD CPU SOCKET WITH BENT PINS. so though what the hell i may as well add some new thermal paste also, anyway everything was going smooth, until i put the cpu in wrong put the heat sink on and clipped it back on, booted the pc up no signal on hdmi. Look I had this z87 gigabyte Motherboard and loads of broken/bents pin and still working but two ram slots not working. I had never bent an LGA CPU previously, but it brought back memories of bent pins on CPUs back during the Socket 478 days Apr 11, 2013 · hello, Well yesterday i was installing new fans to my pc. One pin he was able to fix by bending it back into position, but the other broke off. Tried many times, but you might/might not getting signal or post or ram problem. The biggest advantage of the PGA-type of sockets is that it’s not the end of the world if a few pins become bent. ! Inspect CPU socket for bent pins 1. Personally I repair the pins in that shape take a good magnify glass or stereo microscope and it's important to view the pins at all 4 angles to insure the proper direction to bend them (they will bend very easy ) take your time and DON'T USE TWEEZERS OR ANY CLAMPING Sep 12, 2017 · Like, on accident? Pretty easily. May 21, 2015 · Check if CPU pins are bent? - posted in Internal Hardware: Hi all I was installing my cpu, Im not sure how sensitive/forgiving the pins are on the LGA2011 socket of the motherboard but what No difference. Is there any way to fix it bymyself? Or my cpu is gone already? I tried to circle the bent pins in picture(not mine). Dec 05, 2015 · And apparently for same reason like last time – bent pins. Apr 01, 2017 · I had a phenom II or athlon cpu back in 2010, bent the pins and bent them back. Thanks all for your advice. Luckily, there are some easy household remedies you can try before dropping money on a new unit. Your gambling, it may work fine or you may owe her a new cpu ontop of that. All of the pins are on the bottom of the CPU. But all hopes not lost. I've read a post here abt correcting CPU pins that are on CPU. Bent CPU pins means no POST for anything - without the CPU running, it cannot access the GPU BIOS for it to do its post either. 4 cpu General Hardware. If there is any bent pins on the CPU socket, contact your place of purchase to arrange RMA, or replacement if you have just purchased this motherboard for first use. Price and currency: 60 Delivery: Delivery cost is not included Apr 06, 2007 · i fixed the bent pins and the cpu fits in the socket nowbut there is one pin that went way under and i cant get it up. Feb 28, 2012 · bent pins are a big fear of mine so when lifting a cover or cpu in or out , I use a piece\strip of duct tape in a small roll ,sticky side out to lift and lower the cover or cpu ,-just makes a tab that you have full control handling the placement\alignment without the fear of dropping it into\onto the pins. View attachment 119625 View attachment 119626 View attachment 119627 This service is designed to be the most professional repair you can find, we repair these motherboards by replacing the damaged CPU socket regardless of the damage, bent or broken pins one or five or even a hundred, we don't try to fix the damaged socket and we will actually send the damaged socket back with the repaired motherboard so you know They told me that the pins of the CPU were bent and they told me that this is out of warranty. Subscribe and Download now! The result was a number of bent pins. I dropped the office i5 back in, and sure enough, it booted straight up. I will say this. 1 tray you risk crushing the pins in the cpu holder and because of the extra height of the chip it may not allow the fan/sensor pins on the heatsink to engage properly. For some pins, you may simply lost a RAM slot. 9 years ago jfcundiff So i have bent CPU pins on my MSI z390 Gaming Edge AC. Don’t force it into place or you will likely bend more pins! If you have any trouble, take out the CPU and re-align your pins. Using the tools above May 08, 2012 · Adding the weight of the fan to the sliding problem is most-likely the reason the pins on the motherboard were damaged / bent! Anyhow, just be warned if using this fan with an Intel x79 board (at least my exact model, but perhaps other mobo's), because it will hinder your memory options by up to 75%, not allow you to install a video card in Mar 21, 2016 · This feature is not available right now. If you drop an old PGA processor even from just a few inches up, those pins bend really easily. Sep 11, 2013 · i am inquiring about how exactly the socket pins can get bent. ncix. After having completed all trouble shooting methods, the issue still persists, contact EVGA to RMA the board. You can straighten out most bent pins very gently with a credit card or similar (something plastic!) For the broken pin, you can just cross your fingers and hope it's a null pin and not in use. As far as I can tell this tool is only made and sold by a certain company in Taiwan, CCI. Cleaning Out the Dust from the CPU Cooler. com In this episode of NCIX Tech Tips, Linus shows you the steps to "hopefully" fix a bent or broken pin(s) on a CPU. Last visit: 8/24/2016. There's just too many areas (middle and sides ) and I don't have any more patience for it. do you know if the cpu will still work ok (as there ar so many of these type on the board. Jun 02, 2019 · Mar 28, 2017 · That being said, you should be able to straighten the bent pins on your CPU chip without breaking them off since you said they aren’t bent all that bad. I cannot get it replaced by the vendor because that time is already up. In the event that your CPU does have a bent pin, proceed with straightening it out very If a couple are bent then get a small screwdriver and very carefully bend up the bent ones till they are all straight. You can carefully align and bend the pins back with a toothpick. Hey guys, I was packing my motherboard today and while I was putting the cpu socket plastic cover on 5 of the pins got bent out of place. In some instances, it’s possible that you could bend and damage the pins on the CPU while forcing it into place. Avoid touching. i immediately new it was a cpu problem, took the cpu out and behold a pin was bent, down to utter stupidity. Yey eBay! I emailed the seller to inform him, and did my best to bend the offending pins back into position with a needle. (replace the CPU socket). But my problem is that I had a few bent pins. There was about 20 pins or more bent. If it doesn't you've still got a bent pin somewhere. i will not pay more than 10-15℅ of original cost for the motherboard with broken pins. It la The CPU chipset would normally be easily removed from the mobo, unless "he" forgot to open one of the clips and then used a screwdriver to yank the CPU out. Jun 12, 2019 · if you put a lidded cpu in a dual 4. Any processor with pins is susceptible to them being bent Packaging isn't always the best with processors. I notice that there are about 3 pins in various locations that are slightly bent. If it's down to you, then you may be able to carefully bend it back into place with toothed forceps,  17 Apr 2019 Got that HSF you all said to get went to install it and it pulled my CPU out and bent the pins! F ME!!!! Just F ME! I am having some of the worst times in Getting a new CPU because my pins were bent, about 5 or 6 and I wasn't able to unbend it and 2 were already snapped in ahalf. Nothing will happen to the cpu because if there's no contact between the cpu and a pin, it just wont let the system post. Is there anyway to fix it If you can take a picture of it, macro close up works well. Jun 20, 2011 · Solved Help! CPU Pins Bent! Tags: Dell Dimension 8300 desktop. The heatsink was literally 'welded' to the top of the heat spreader, the paste was that hard 5 or 6 pins, mostly in the top row of pins on the top of the MCM, ended up breaking off during the process of straightening all of the pins. If the pins are bent, the CPU may not function. Some other pin may cause the socket completely useless. Always use EXTREME caution when placing a CPU into a socket. I broke 2 pins off my celeron, it one of the pins in the corners because i putted in wrong the first time and bented it, what did i try to do? bent them back, so i googled it up and i see people breaking 'vcc pins' and the cpu still works. The last thing you want is your expensive new processor to wind up with bent pins, but if you do, here's how to fix it. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for testing I can run on this system. If you suspect the CPU has been damaged or if the pins are bent, you might need to replace the CPU. Look at the CPU socket from directions A and B at an angle of 20° to 30°, as shown in Figure 4. pushed on with finger). Holding the CPU without touching the pins is the hardest part, and you shouldn't bend them just by a light touch. You can't repair bent pins and to think that a Youtube video will solve the problem is rubbish. The CPU flew up and off the table and landed on the floor -- with two pins bent. I would rather buy another CPU then try to straighten pins again. Pennywise pound follish. If you find a bent pin, that is likely to be the cause of issues with the CPU and computer. 11 mm, badly bent pins. Item Includes:Logic BoardItem might not i Sep 25, 2008 · bent pins on cpu ah well looks like I have no choice but to get a new cpu. e. Looking at the pic though, I'm having a really really tough time pinpointing exactly where they are. Good luck getting it swapped out. Hi all, I got a logicboard of an iMac A1418 (Late 2013) which has some bent pins within the CPU socket. Re:Bent CPU pins???? 2013/08/08 13:59:56 I did have a situation once, not with EVGA, but this is the reason I will never own another HP product. To my surprise the system booted. Not all CPUs have pins on their bottom sides, but in the ones that do, the pins are easily bent. Jan 28, 2013 · Having recieved a reply stating that there was bent CPU pins seems strange because bent CPU pins would usually render the Board unusable. The IHS was like the back of a spoon! I decided to see how my Ceramique application was and upon pulling out the CPU I saw a couple of pins that apeared bent! I got my wifes really good pair of needle nose tweezers and put them back w Ratzz has the right answer a CPU has a percentage of Pins that are VCC and VSS weather it be intel or AMD. I guess this happened due to a failed try to upgrade the CPU. I've seen guys rushing this part of the build and end up getting the cpu knocked loose that then falls into the pins. This type of package for a CPU is called a pin grid array, or PGA. It was a real pain in the butt to do. LGA Package in Thermoformed Tray. Address and Data pins The pins on the processor can be bent easily, and if the cooler isn't connected properly, you run the risk of allowing the CPU to overheat. By ddkshah, October 7, 2009 in Processors, Motherboards and Memory. Yeah, I used to own an x58 system that does this after my bro-in-law reinstalled the cpu cooler. Do a web search using: x58a missing memory and see if any of the links provide some useful information. Still not confident when i would try to attempt this. The Thermal paste at times becomes a strong adhesive in which you need to heat the processor or CPU Cooler to remove it without removing both the CPU and CPU Cooler at the same time. gold CPU - Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Doing Everything Better | Lifehacker Sep 26, 2008 · Well, nine times out of ten it’s just that one or more of the pins on the processor got messed up while you were taking it out of the packaging, or when you were positioning it. soldering a broken pin is quite difficult and no guarantee if will work or not. Hi Everyone, Just wondering what's ASUS policy and physical damage to the CPU Socket with bent pins when doing an RMA. If you fi nd any bent pins, do not continue with component installation. So what I did was took the processor out and looked at the pins on the board. >> Re: CPU - Broken pin, bent pins --- I sure learn ALOT from all of you!!! I took the time this morning to do something I have never done in my twelve years of wandering cyber space. It is not necessary to memorize the mnemonics, like BHE, but if I were to ask, "What does the Byte High Enable pin on the 80286 do?", you should be able to tell me its function. Don't try to RMA as bent pins are considered a user cause. The pins on the sockets are generally fine. I purchased the MOBO late December of 2018. You can bend the pins back using a mechanical pencil, a credit card, or a  If it's a more complex CPU in a PGA package, you should probably speak with your supplier about the bent pin before you try straightening it. I also have a few CPU's with bent pins that work well. I was lucky, as it was just a VCC pin. no excessive force was used to get it into the socket. bent cpu pins

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