Hilux front diff drain plug

This threaded plug uses a sealing washer which tightens flush against the oil pan and the plug. Torque to 39Nms. "Dough!!" Been a while since I've had a vehicle with diff drain plugs. I reused the old plug as I didn't think ahead to buy a new one, so I cleaned it up good and painted it so it should be fine. Quick view Australia Closing on Thursday, 26 Dec. RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. COMBO - Diff Plug removal tool and Replacement Diff drain plug with 24mm Hex Head with Magnet 24mm Hex to 10mm Allen Hex Diff Plug Removal Tool Servicing the front diff on a Hilux or Prado can be quite a task when the diff fill and drain plugs become hard to remove. 5 qts. Re: Pajero NA clunking front diff Unread post by -PAJ- » October 26th, 2010, 10:12 am transfer chain maybe if it only makes the noise in 4wd. Use a 14mm Allen key or socket to remove the two plugs. If you are not careful, it is quite common to strip the weak 10mm Allen Hex socket in the Toyota diff plugs. Then it's a cold chisel, and be very careful you don't go through the plug into the diff housing. Saved a bunch of time. It is extremely annoying to drain the fluid only to find that your fill plug is rusted tight and rounded off, and you're left with an empty gearbox and no way to fill it Ford Ranger (T6) 2011-2015 Lower Bumper Panels Mitsubishi L200 2006-2015 Lower Bumper Panels Toyota Hilux 2006-2016 Mitsubishi L200 Front 2006-2015 Nissan Navara Pick Up (D40) 2005-2014 Nissan Pickup (D23) Front 2015-2018 Toyota Hilux Front 2005-2011 Toyota Hilux Front 2012-2015 toyota hilux replacement differentials and parts parts car parts. Put a bucket under the rear diff and open the diff cover and drain out the fluid. Suitable for GQ GU & Maverick Diff housings . The fluid was dark and smelt like sulfur/rotten eggs. Now, remove the fill plug first. The issue lies in the large 24mm thread size and smallish 10mm female hex required to remove it. Reinstall the drain plug and torque it down. ALWAYS ever loosen the filler plug first. Now, look at the back of the diff. but in a different size. In the process of changing all the fluids on the ole H3. NISSAN PATROL GU-GQ QUAD RINGS DIFFERENTIAL AIR LOCKER SEAL KIT RD135 Description. 5 MB)! Bash Plates to Suit Hilux N80 2016 to 2020 – Front, Diff/Sump and Transmission DISCLAIMER - All information in here is to be taken only as a guide. Please note: Manufacturer's part numbers are provided for guidance only. The short of it is that it can round out, and frequently does. Thanks for your support. Every 30,000 miles is good, as the fluid is inexpensive, but 60,000 might be okay if you don’t tow a trailer or carry heavy cargo. Be reasonable, and you’ll never face the guilt that comes from neglecting your transmission. 0:1 Replaces your original sump plug to allow cleaner, faster easier oil changes. 8l - 4 cy l diesel 52t 8/93-1/99 axle front bearing - fr wheel inner wheel front inner 2 081-046129 bearing - fr wheel outer wheel front outer 2 081-046112 The drain plug simply weakens the axle housing at the exact point where it is most vulnerable to impacts. Heck, a new vent/breather costs less than $10. If you dont manage it, you have still oil in the diff. Remove the drain plug from the bottom. THDCB,THSCB,XTR) Diagram Toyota HILUX/4RUNNER TRUCK . Engine mounting bracket front No. 6:1 15. Idler pulley sub-assembly No. 2 90105t0080 ** std part 41331g bearing, needle roller (for front differential side gear) Refine your search for toyota hilux diff actuator. Our Toyota parts and accessories are expedited directly from authorized Toyota dealers strategically located all across the U. This part is a new genuine Toyota drain plug for the front axle differential housing. Fill the diff using the pump until it starts coming out. get a helper to push the brake while you undo the nut. 1983] (7901-8307)LN36,46,RN36,46) Diagram Toyota HILUX/4RUNNER TRUCK . 2 pints and the rear differential case with 3. Here are the Toyota part no's for those interested: Front diff. View 1000's of toyota hilux differentials and parts and buy online directly online all payment types accepted. com. lock) Differential x Propeller shaft 74 750 56 DIfferential carrier x Axle housing 73 740 54 Differential carrier x Bearing cap 113 1,150 83 Drive pinion x Companion flange See page SA-165 Differential case x Ring gear 125 1,270 92 Drain plug, Filler plug 49 500 36 This item:TOYOTA Genuine Oil Drain Plug Gaskets (QTY10) - 90430-12031 $8. Tacomas (1995-2004)' started by ETaco23, I was trying to change my front diff. For temperatures below 50 F, use SAE www. S. Be careful not to over tighten the front aluminum diff bolts because you can easily crack the housing. While under there I was staring at that frozen differential drain plug and decided to try what the local Toyota 4wd specialist tech said they have to do. 30 is a little on the expensive side for a plug but I suppose its got a magnet in it too. Thanks Hummer! Sep 27, 2011 · Handy, but it skips over THE most important thing when changing gearbox oil - ALWAYS undo (or at least loosen) the fill plug before you undo the drain plug. Afterwards there was minor dripping from the front axle area. This plug is the fill port for the new differential oil. Customer Support message us Click to Menu Protection Engine/Transmission Guards Fuel Tank Guards Shock Guards Storage Cargo and Pet Barriers Roof Rack Accessories Water Tanks Camping and Touring BBQ Accessories & Tools Fire Pits Other Saws and Knives Tables Engine Other Tools Transmission Coolers More The drain plug is actually the bottom-most bolt that holds the diff centre into the front axle - its even got a copper washer on it. . The 10mm allen head hex hole in the Toyota plug is very easy to strip meaning an expensive trip to your mechanic or Toyota dealer. 111 Ratio with Diff Lock Fitment Genuine Toyota Front Differential Drain Plug Hilux 2005 Multi-headed drain-plug or sump-plug wrenches that remove gearbox, axle and sump plugs are sold in accessory shops, but look to see exactly what you need before you buy one. Here In addition to our small style ring gear protector above we also have this larger style for those that prefer something a little larger to protect their 3rd member. 2" Nitro Rear Master Install Kit, 2010+ $ 374. A Genuine Toyota rear differential magnetic drain plug complete with washer for the Hilux Pickup, Hilux Surf & Land Cruiser models listed. Suitable for Prado 150, Prado 120, FJ Cruiser, Hilux and LC200 16 Jun 2018 In this video, we show you what to do if you are faced with a stripped drain or fill plug on the front differential of your 3rd Gen 4runner or 1st Gen  socket in the Toyota diff plugs. On the left of the transmission is the fill plug, and on the right of it is the drain plug. 32. 1 41320 tube assy, front differential 41342a pin, straight (for front differential pinion shaft) 41181g gasket (for front differential drain plug) 41181e plug (for front differential drain) 41231f spacer, front differential drive pinion bearing 41181f gasket (for front differential filler plug) 41351f washer, front differential pinion thrust 41341f pinion, front differential 41331f gear, front differential side BMW Differential (Diff) Drain plug / Fill plug O-Ring for 1,3,4,5,6,7,X,Z Series Background Description: Most BMW's are rear wheel drive with a Differential or rear axle or final drive system. Buy Car & Truck Differentials & Parts for 2002 Toyota Hilux and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings Free Delivery / Collection on many items 41214c slinger, front differential drive pinion oil 41110p plug, front differential drain 41110q gasket, front differential drain plug 90178t0025 ** std part 41653b stopper, differential mount, upper 52393a support, front differential, no. The underbody of your 4WD is one of the areas most susceptible to damage when travelling off road. Your choice of Aluminum or steel washers. Xfer, Drain Plug - 24mm socket, 27 ft/lbs Fill Plug - 24mm socket, 27 ft/lbs Fill quantity - 1. In stock on February 7, 2020. There is no other bolt on guard on the market in the world that has complete coverage like the Superior Engineering Stealth Diff Guard. 34; ring, hole snap (for diff side gear 41214c slinger, front differential drive pinion oil 41110p plug, front differential drain 41110q gasket, front differential drain plug 90178t0025 ** std part 41653b stopper, differential mount, upper 52393a support, front differential, no. Had to chisel my old one out because I stripped the inside. This will help relieve any vacuum built up inside the diff and May 13, 2020 · Engine mounting bracket front No. 2 front and rear arb lockers, 4 inches of lift,33 inch Bfg km2's,qtr chop, bullbar,12,ooo lb winch,dual batteries and the usual stuff. 2015 Gear Shift Type 5F Vehicle Model Hilux Driver's Position LHD Fuel Induction HDCR Ford Ranger (T6) 2011-2015 Lower Bumper Panels Mitsubishi L200 2006-2015 Lower Bumper Panels Toyota Hilux 2006-2016 Mitsubishi L200 Front 2006-2015 Nissan Navara Pick Up (D40) 2005-2014 Nissan Pickup (D23) Front 2015-2018 Toyota Hilux Front 2005-2011 Toyota Hilux Front 2012-2015 2012 BT50 4x4, 84 Hilux 4x4 & 05 Husky TE450 the front diff is to the left side of the sump i believe it has a 24mm plug at the top of it, drain plug at the bottom use castrol SAF-XA oil in it, approx 800ml of oil goes in it 2012 BT50 4x4, 84 Hilux 4x4 & 05 Husky TE450 the front diff is to the left side of the sump i believe it has a 24mm plug at the top of it, drain plug at the bottom use castrol SAF-XA oil in it, approx 800ml of oil goes in it Front Axle Housing & Differential ([01. If you're looking towards the front of the truck, the transmission will have two plugs. Tag 1965-1979 Corvette Original Differential 42110a plug (for rear axle housing filler) 42110b gasket (for rear axle housing filler plug) 42110c plug, breather (for rear axle housing) 42110d gasket (for rear axle housing drain plug) 42110e plug (for rear axle housing drain) 9020108002 ** std part The Superior Engineering Stealth Diff Guard also has a full skid plate to protect underneath the diff housing as well, giving protection to the drain plug. Step-by-step guide to changing the Front & Rear Differential oils, and the Transfer Case oil in a Toyota Landcruiser Landcruiser rear diff drain plug washer. For the front diff, make sure to get any metal shavings off of the magnet. 70 each. Drain plug, Filler plug 49 500 36 Rear differential (3RZ-FE, 5VZ-FE, w/o Diff. Clean both plugs. The oil should be level with the bottom of the filler hole. toyota hilux parts for sale. To service both diffs Oil change in the front diff 14th July 2004, 14:28 I have managed to change the oil in the rear diff transfer box and auto box but came to a halt when faced with the front diff. Rear diff does not use a gasket, but I thin Thanks for the info @wnelax04sr5 make sure everyone torques the drain and fill plug properly; Front, Drain Plug - 10mm hex bit, 29 ft/lbs Fill Plug - 10mm hex bit, 29 ft/lbs Fill quantity - 1. Easy to use parts catalog. Here at Advance Auto Parts, we work with only top reliable Differential Drain Plug product and part brands so you can shop with complete confidence. Fits FRONT diff Drain ONLY. If the drain plug is loose or the sealing washer is missing or worn it can cause an oil leak. I bought my vehicle second hand and the plug has been damaged by the agents where the previous owner had the vehicle serviced. lbs. Mar 27, 2009 · IIRC, 05+ 5MT drain plug is a T70 torx and has a different gasket than the oil pan (haven't had my 9-2x in a while). 2 90105t0080 ** std part 41331g bearing, needle roller (for front differential side gear) Re: Rear Diff Fill Plug Stripped by bdp1978 » Wed Dec 07, 2011 3:25 pm Small chisel and a hammer, use the chisel to catch an edge on the stripped area inside the plug, line it up and give it a good smack- counterclockwise obviously. Drain Plug Front Diff suitable for Hilux GGN KUN GUN Prado Landcruiser 100 200 This part is a new genuine Toyota drain plug for the front axle differential housing It is a 24mm diameter magnetic plug with a female allen key head Suits: Hilux GGN25, KUN26, GGN125, GUN125 and GUN126 from 4/2005 onwards Diff drain- and inspection plug washer 18mm (inner diameter) copper washer. 25MM Oil Drain Plug Tap Thread Repair Kit Oil Pan Screws Rethread Tool $13. This morning I attempted to do the rear. This is important to keep in mind, even if your Toyota Pickup is a newer, more reliable model; whether you plan on using OEM or aftermarket parts, you'll need to know where to obtain the best selection at the lowest prices. There is no space for standard ratchets. 12: DIFF OIL FILLER PLUG for - Compare prices of 137930 products in Auto Parts from 251 Online Stores in Australia. Oil pan drain plug x Oil pan sub-assembly No. Z1 has these washers in stock and ready to ship! DRIVELINE - DIFFERENTIAL Genuine Toyota Front Differential Centre 4. The Roo. Recently Added. Genuine nissan patrol diff drain plug Y60 Y61 Magnetic 32103U841A COVID-19: Road Runner Offroad is open for business & and shipping all orders daily. I can't remember as I have a set but just in case you don't know the old tip (I'm sure you do) make sure you can get the fill plug out first, before you undo the drain plug. Fits front or rear 79-95 8 41214c slinger, front differential drive pinion oil 41110p plug, front differential drain 41110q gasket, front differential drain plug 90178t0025 ** std part 41653b stopper, differential mount, upper 52393a support, front differential, no. RRP $5. Slide a drain tray under this plug. Please check fitment before ordering. C = Front differential drain plug (w/ magnet) D = Fill plugs It's strange that the largest diameter plug (rear diff. Just fill it till it comes out of the filler hole. Part No 00931-2121A. Diff. When performing an oil change it is always recommended to change your sump plug and washer to ensure adequate sealing. Buy Now. Reinstall the fill plug and torque it down. Dead easy to fill with a garden sprayer with the spray head taken off. 98 Genuine Toyota 00258-00040-21 White Touch-Up Paint Pen (1/2 fl oz, 14 ml) May 14, 2020 · Place the receptacle under it, unscrew the plug, and pull it away and free quickly to get out of the way. I am almost certain that the fluid has never been changed given the condition of the rear and transfer case fluid when I changed them. e. 0 To 5. As of 20 14, Hilux is available worldwide except in Unites States, Japan, North and Aug 03, 2011 · TOYOTA HILUX 2005 – 2009 SERVICE MANUAL HI-LUX :- DOWNLOAD (41. Loosening the filler plug first is a very smart move. 7 Liter Engines with 64mm… $24. Save with MyShopping. capacity under the case drain plug. Is it possible this high could damage the engine as the Owner?s Manual states, or am I been overly concerned? NISSAN DIFF DRAIN PLUG MAGNETIC . Re: Seized Diff Plug Update: Finally got the seized plug out. 11/2010 toyota hilux (lan25l-prmden) gasket, front differential drain plug; 90430-24003: 1: $1. Cylinder block water drain cock sub-assembly x Cylinder block sub-assembly. Even Toyota themselves don't stock it and they wanted to give me 90w140. If there is no drain plug, clean the central part of the axle, take off all the nuts holding the differential carrier to the axle and loosen the carrier enough to allow oil to flow from the axle. The 7. Front rear diffential drain plug suitable for Toyota Celica new part 1998 Part No 9034118030 RRP 520 each HPP 260 each 2 Left, 1201826390 Best Q M13 x 1. Just like the engine, transmission, the Differential or rear axle or final drive system requires the oil to be changed every 30K-50K as a maintenance Last weekend I only just managed to get the front plug undone. It finally released with the PB blaster sitting on it for a while and a ball pin hammer to tap it and I got it loose. 80. I was doing the front diff drain and fill. I put a little anti-seize on the threads before reinstalling the plug. That's it, for the front differential, unless the drain plug gets stuck on the housing and you strip out the 10mm hex hole in the plug. Conventional transfer cases require SAE 80W-90 GL-5 Gear Replace the drain plug with the ratchet and socket. I did remove the fill plug and check the oil. Ended up using Stillsons. Reinstall the Allen plug and you should be good to go. This vehicle was released in both the 2 and 4 door options. The front diff is basically the same procedure above, but you will need an Allen socket. FRONT DIFF TOOL and 24mm Drain Plug Toyota Hilux KUN26 Prado 120/150 FJ Cruiser - $78. Front Wheel Step 1 – Drain the transmission. 0 x 103. Show Full Signature 92 efi 4. Toyota Hilux RN85R - 1988-1997, 4Cyl, Dual Cab / Utility Compare SCA Oil Drain Pan 8 Litre 345555. Drain diff. Related Aug 12, 2014 · Got my front differential plug out and changed the fluid today. Undo the 4 bolts that secure the bottom balljoint to the lower arm slide the hub off the driveshaft and move to one side with wire or similar. The oil dosnt drain real quick, but it is the lowest point, and so it will drain Be carefull when you do it back up as it is real easy to strip if over-tightened The plug on the back of the diff housing is the inspection/filler plug and the one at the bottom is the drain plug. This top plug is the one that is difficult to get to. remove the rear cover all the bolts except the top 1 just loosen that 1. For normal temperatures at 50 degrees F, use SAE 140W. Checking Procedure. "Our valued buyer, we really appreciate your good feedback with five stars" Ive got a toyota hilux surf 1993 and im changing the engine Oil but I dont know if I opened the right Oil pan because the transmission Oil came out if anyone know can I get some help Jump to content Hilux / Surf Club 3. No resposiblilty will be taken for problems arising due tomaintenance and/or modifictions trialed from this tech site. fluid today, but for the This drain plug fits my 2015 Toyota Tacoma front differential perfectly. Here is are the key steps: remove fill plug on side using 10mm hex, remove drain plug from bottom (also 10mm hex), drain completely, clean and reinstall the drain plug with a new crush washer, torque to 48 ft. Slide a pan of a least 6 pts. 1983 Gear Shift Type 4F Vehicle Model Hilux Driver's Position LHD Building Condition CBU Manual transmissions don’t have filters, and they don’t face as much heat as automatic transmissions. 5" IFS diff '86-95 IFS trucks and 4Runners, and all '93-98 T100s use a 7. This Part Is A Set of 2 Magnetic Drain And 2 Filler Plugs with 4 Washers. Remove the filler plug from the rear of the transfer case (behind the transmission). 34; ring, hole snap (for diff side gear Change the oil in your '89-'94 Toyota Pickup, with the 2. Another hard one to get to is the front diff filler plug on the lastest model Toyota Hilux 4WD. The KUN26R variation was released early in 2005 with the 3. Drain Plug Front Diff suitable for Hilux Prado Landcruiser FJ Cruiser. Diff Drain Plug For Toyota Hilux KUN26-1KDFTV 3. ) has an allen-key type input, whereas the one on my rig is a regular 24mm bolt. 00 Oct 01, 2013 · Best Toyota Hilux 2005 - 2009 Service Manual Hi-lux Download (41. If you consider the drainplug to be at the 6 o clock position, looking from the rear, the fill plug is around the 9-10 o clock pos,n. The front drain plug (if you have a 4x4) is shown here on the bottom of the front differential. So I tried heating the diff housing (around the plug) and then tried melting ice cubes on the plug. Toyota HiLux. 0 x 93. FREE Shipping on orders over $25. ARB Under Vehicle Protection. 30; 41181f: gasket (for front differential filler plug) 12157-10010: 1: $0. When you want to place the plug back in, place the open end wrench on the bottom nut and tighten. motospecs. Jun 22, 2010 · "What is the torque spec for drain plug on the 2002 camry transaxle/differential housing. Compare NGK Spark Plug - BPR5EY 6395. Take off wheel, prise off the black dustcap over the front hub nut. drain plug # T*90341-24014 and copper gasket # T*90430-24003 $20. remove the split pin and lockwasher. drain the auto box oil . All information contained in this In the Owner's Manual of the new Hilux they state that you must use GL5 75w90 oil for the Diffs, but I can't find any anywhere. I think I used too much leverage on my wrench without the key staying square in the plug. B = Picking this up tomorrow; I'm guessing T-Case drain plug? Update: 'B' is exactly like C, but w/o a magnet. The shop checked to make sure the drain plug was tight and they said the right side axle seal on the front end was leaking. Both plates came off, and the fill plug came loose. Use a pan that can contain up to ten quarts of transmission fluid, although that much probably will not drain out. 2. Could only get a grip in one position, because of the sway bar. Wipe the area clean and replace the drain plug. 15342-10003 Washer 24mm Copper Sealing Suitable for Toyota Front Diff Drain Plug Price $1. & Limited Original Plug Tag Drain Slip Corvette Differential 1965-1979 Corvette Original Differential Drain Plug & Limited Slip Diff. The HiLux that was released in 2005 had more cabin space, carried heavier payloads, performed better and consumed less fuel. 5 Mar 2011 So its 10mm for the filler. ie fuel diluting the sump. 41181g gasket (for front differential drain plug) 43637b washer, plate (for front axle drive pinion) 41181 cover, front differential carrier 41181e plug (for front differential drain) 41361f washer, front differential side gear thrust, no. Now I understand that most other Diffs run 90w140 but the manual for the new Hilux asks for 75w90 due to the AAD of the front diff. Genuine nissan diff drain plug for front and rear diffs. If you have ever tried to change the Front diff oil in a Hilux or Prado, you will know how hard it is to remove the lower drain plug. Toyota covered all bases by offering a range of cab-chassis and pick-ups with a variety of body styles in two and four-wheel drive configurations, and the choice of petrol- and turbo-diesel engines. com maintains an extensive Toyota Pickup parts catalogs. Replacement Diff drain plug with 24mm Hex Head with Magnet If you have ever tried to change the Front diff oil in a Hilux or Prado, you will know how hard it is to remove the lower drain plug. and are backed by the manufacturer's 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty. Spare Wheel Carrier for the IFS 4x4 models. 1 x Timing chain or belt cover sub-assembly. This bundle comes with: EZ-103 Oil Drain Valve, H-001 straight hose end, DC-001 aluminum valve cap, 2 x hose end caps, 1m vinyl hose (10mm ID). JINGHANG automotor Store has All Kinds of For Toyota Hilux KUN26 Prado 90/120/150 FJ LC 200 series Diff Front-Drain Plug,For Chevy GMC SUV Truck Power Folding Mirror Left or Right Side metal gear replacement,1-1/2X10 FUEL TRAP/SOLVENT FILTER ForNAPA 4003, WIX 24003 1/2-28,5/8-24 6061-T6 Aluminum Silver and more On Sale, Find the Best China null at Aliexpress. Remove the drain plug by turning it in an anti clockwise direction. If the transmission pan has a drain plug, remove the plug to drain the fluid into a collection pan. Let the oil drain. Its very recently been leaking oil from around the bottom of the bell housing area, looks like rear main oil seal, worryingly. Unscrew the drain plug. " There is another drain plug with magntic on it, fastened onto the differential side housing. Not the one on the oil sump. This washer should be replaced when the front / rear differential or transmission is serviced to prevent a possible leak. Important Information This manual applies to the fourth generation Sealed Integrated Braking System (SIBS® 4) for the Toyota HiLux. 18 Apr 2020 Front-drivers typically integrate the differential in the transmission Some differentials have a drain plug; others require you to remove the housing cover. In this article you will discover the most up to date information of which lubricant type, grades, capacities and service schedules for all areas as well as torque settings, vehicle weights, BHP and much more. If you drain the diff and cannot loosen the filler plug you´re f*ckd To loosen the plug take a saw and shorten an allen key then put a wrench with a rtachet ring over it and get out the plug. I gave it 4-6 whacks with a ball peen hammer and then took a chisel and placed it on the edge of the drain plug and gave it 2 good whacks and bingo, the plug twisted loose. OEM Genuine Magnetic oil drain plug to fit Nissan GQ, GU patrol diff and gearbox. The drain plug on this Nissan pickup fits a 1/2 inch drive ratchet not 3/4 inch drive. Drop the vehicle back down and fill with Castrol whatever and re install the filler plug. I had front and rear differential and transfer case oil changed about 5 months ago (August). To ensure reliability, purchase Toyota part # 12157-10010 GASKET, DRAIN PLUG. parts reference. if your in low range and change gears sharply to make the car sort of jump and it makes the noise it would be a transfer chain. Nissan Navara genuine diff drain plug new part 1998-2004. au New OEM Nissan Manual Transmission/ Diff Drain Plug Sealing Washer for various Nissan and Infiniti models. Details. diff drain plug gasket - 12157-10010 Magnetic drain plug, allen head, 8" diff - 90341-18021 Breather plug 8" axle - 90404-51319 Filter for extending diff breather - 90930-03136 3rd member mounting studs: long (total of 2) - 90116-08226 Short (total of 8) - 90116-08235 Nuts for above - 90170-08204 Washers for above - 94512-00800 84+ Jan 31, 2012 · when i had my hilux i used 15w40 for the engine and that was for 98 diesel which had 5l motor and transmission oil 75w90gl4, for both diffs i used sae90 hypoid gear oil gl5 for lsd, transfer case 75w90 gl4 as for filling the diffs when the oil comes out the top plug thats when there full, as for over filling them the oil will just keep coming out the filler plug. Drain Plug Front Diff suitable for Hilux Prado Landcruiser FJ Cruiser Genuine $13. When you loosen the drain plug, put the open end wrench on the top of the nut and turn counter clockwise. clean and reseal the diff. Diff Transfer Gearbox Drain Filler Plug Kit suitable for Landcruiser Hilux. But for the 89-04 (4EAT), the oil drain plug gasket and the transmission oil pan gasket are the same. Suits: Hilux GGN25, KUN26, GGN125, GUN125 and GUN126 from 4/2005 onwards Jul 31, 2017 · My suspension shop noticed that the front diff vent on my '83 was also leaking gear oil and they recommended replacing it rather than messing with it. FWIW, mine has a 17mm hex-head (my truck is in my signature). I guess it's T-case drain. part # SUJ51-D3001 . 5 MB)! * DIY Factory Service / Repair / Maintenance Manual ! by admin24@ · august 3, 2011 plug, breather (for front differential carrier cover) 90930-03031: 1: $9. It sure was a fight all the way. Background. Red Line 50304 Manual Transmission (MT) 90W Gear Oil - 3 Quarts Also, I searched and read though some threads and found out that 24MM is what I need for a drain plug. 18 Apr 2018 Will suit the front diff drain and fill plugs for many Toyota vehicles. It is sometimes referred to as Toyota Drain Plug Washer . 67; 41181e: plug (for front differential drain) 90341-18030: 1: $5. 2011 - ] (1107- )KUN2#. This truck has gained a reputation for its exceptional reliability and sturdiness even during heavy use, and in fact it is often referred to as the Indestructible Truck. 15 Left 1x Nissan Front Diff Laminating kit. fill-hole plug at the top of the diff casing, then unscrew the drain plug. Mar 20, 2006 · I have meant to check the diff Oil level but the drain plug seems completely stuck - cant unscrew it!! Common problem of the oil seal failing as LongRat said - the front diff oil gets into the hub,mixes with the grease and leaks out. Could someone help me please I just want to check before i drain and fill. 2011 To 04. 1 RH x Cylinder block sub-assembly. 2 90105t0080 ** std part 41331g bearing, needle roller (for front differential side gear) parts reference. Front Axle Housing & Differential ([07. 5" front diff that is offset to the passenger's side. au! Magnetic Drain Plugs are a great way of keeping metal from building up in the oil. Well now you have an empty gear box and no way to fill it. Use a viscosity of SAE 75W-90 in the front axle for all temperatures. The front differential drain plug can be problematic to remove. 19 May 2019 How about putting some white tape on the threads of the drain plug or is there such a thing as a bad crush washer? E27EBA83-06A8-4EA0-AAA2  Please remember the 2WD models DO NOT have front differential and transfer case, the Replace rear diff drain plug and torque 36lb/ft (factory spec). It's pretty bad and drips slowly but constantly, the oil level hasn't dropped, infact it looks almost as if its increased . 5-litre D-4D 3. Get you catch pan in place, then remove the drain plug and let the gear oil drain out. Or the filler plug on the front diff of a territory. also fits most Navara D22 front and rear diff drain plug ( check first some dont have a drain plug) , If you have dragged your diffs over enough rocks , it could be damaged and hard to remove, replace it before you can t undo it! SIBS 4 WORKSHOP MANUAL - TOYOTA HILUX (REV 2) 29 JUL 2015 4 3. Let’s say you removed the drain plug and the filler plug is stuck. Rear Diff Side Shaft Bearings (Outer) Bearing kit 379 from Timkin . The procedure is the same as the rear. Then, put a pan under the drain plug, and crack it open. My toolbox only goes up to 22MM, and The filler plug is bigger than 22MM, is the filler also 24MM? Screw the 2 nuts together so they're tight together on the bolt. However, I will be draining and refilling the differential before I replace the vent. KUN26 Hilux. Stillsons again. au! OEM Genuine Magnetic Diff Drain plug to fit front and rear Diffs on Landcruiser FZJ,HZJ75, FZJ,HZJ, HDJ 80 . 85 Toyota 8" Reverse Clamshell, Nitro Front Mini Install Kit $ 105. 25 sump plug - most Toyota Alternative to Fumoto F-103/F103N. Includes two 10mm style drain plugs. 73; 41181d: plug (for front differential filler) 90341-18006: 1: $4. Click below and enter your specific vehicle to search our full range of available spares and accessories for your vehicle. Is the drain 12mm? Just want to get the right sized one - not a set! (and why on earth are HEX SOCKETS needed? all transmission and most diffs drain plugs suitable for Hilux, Landcruiser, Prado and Rav4 models Suits:- FJ Cruiser all models excluding front diff drain   Shop Drivetech 4x4 DT-DFK10 Engine Bay at Automotive Superstore - Free Shipping $99+* Buy Front and Rear Differential Fill and Drain Plug Crush Washers Gasket for Toyota 4Runner Just know you need a different size one for the front diff drain. Check to see if oil is dripping from the plug and then check its tightness. I have a 1997 Hilux 4x4 LN167 R diesel with 390,000 kms on it. 5″ Reverse Clamshell front differential drain plug. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Front Diff Tool and 24mm Drain Plug Toyota HILUX Kun26 Prado 120/150 FJ Cruiser at the best   Drain Plug Front Diff suitable for Hilux Prado Landcruiser FJ Cruiser. The manual details how to install the SIBS® 4 system correctly to ensure optimum safety and performance. 95. Diff Transfer Gearbox Drain Filler Plug Kit Toyota Landcruiser and Hilux Suits All Landcruisers from 1970's to current models and Hilux from 1970's to 2004 (Not KUN GGN TGN). My suspicion is that the last 'technician' servicing this diff found this too so just left the plug hand tightened. 1979 - 07. Sump plugs & washers are an integral part of any vehicle, sealing in the critical engine oil, sealing leaks and preventing contaminants from infiltrating your engine. 0L 1KD-FTV Diesel engine. remove the plug on the front of the diff and fill with the correct diff fluid until it is filled up to the hole and replace the plug, clean up and check for leaks. Low profile design uses recessed 10mm Allen socket. Place the drain pan under the drain plug, and slowly loosen it. It is typically recommended that you change your vehicle's oil every 3,000 miles for extreme running conditions. Sold by Toyota Parts Supply and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Discussion in '1st Gen. The Hilux currently in its seventh generation has spanned over almost 50 years. Done! Genuine Toyota front 7. 1 LH x Cylinder block sub-assembly. 9 pints of standard GL-5 hypoid type gear oil. This is a great product. The diff guards are laser cut, preformed, and shipped prewelded so all you have to do is lay it against your housing and burn it into place. But I had a hard time with the drain plug. Add lubricant with a suction gun or squeeze bulb. Their stout shape really looks sharp installed onto an axle! Each kit includes two Low Profile Drain Plugs (one for drain hole and one for fill hole) with new metal gaskets! Front Axle Housing Comparison: axle front bearing - fr wheel inner wheel front inner 2 081-046129 bearing - fr wheel outer wheel front outer 2 081-046112 free wheeling hub set 1 ora-830 seal - oil hub front 2 082-036182 f78 2. 1979 To 07. Jeep literally decided that the best place to put a hole on the axle housing was at the very bottom and close to the edge of the axle housing. 8 96. The best part is, our Toyota Tundra Differential Drain Plug products start from as little as $2. 0 Compression ratio 15. Armor welds in place. You may need a pump to easily pump fluid in. 95 stock item New Genuine 1534210003 copper sealing washer 24mm ID for front differential drain plug suitable for Hilux late models, Landcruiser 200 series and Prado… Clean around the drain plug and filler plug, and put a large container under the drain plug to catch the old oil. It is a series of compact pickup trucks. Toyota Hilux was first manufactured in around 1968. Fortunately, PartsGeek. 91; 41181g: gasket (for front differential drain plug) 12157 drivetech 087-022901 diff gearbox transfer magnetic sump plug for toyota models - drivetech I noticed that the oil is 13 mm above the high mark on the dipstick of my 2010 Toyota Hilux SR5 diesel after its six-month service. Suits any vehicle with 12mm x 1. 0L 03/05-09/15 90341-18057JNG 2000 TOYOTA HILUX 4x4 FRONT Transfer / front diff oil change 4x4 automatic Hello All techs, done a full 130 000 km service on my 2007 Fortuner 4x4 auto petrol, last left is to do the transfer/front diff, just very worried, it all seems to be in the same place as the auto box, and don't want to get it wrong, i. Front Diff Drain Bolt 07-12-2013, 10:02 PM (Haynes Manual quotes torque settings of 39Nm filler plug and 65Nm drain plug for front diff. Red Line 57904 (75W90) Synthetic Gear Oil - 2 Quarts for diff. They can be little tinkers to get out sometimes. 2000 Toyota Hilux IFS 2700i Remote Controller 64003-79550. You will see a similar plug on the rear face of the differential. 75. com The upper bolt is the fill plug and the one below to left of my hand is the drain plug. First released in 1968, and one year later throughout Europe, the legendary Toyota Hilux has been a dominant presence in the global pick-up market for nearly 50 years. Be prepared for a mess when you pull this plug! I put my drain pan under there and lay down gobs of old newspaper to help keep things from getting out of hand. Its on the nearside ( passenger side) feel around for it, youll find it. Rear, Drain Plug - 24mm socket, 36 ft/lbs Original Drain Differential Corvette 1965-1979 Plug Tag Slip Limited & Diff. In my multiple attempts to remove the front 10mm Hex bolt drain plug from the front diff on my 2000 Taco 4x4 I have stripped the bolt up. Front Diff Plug Removal Tool Combo Saves The Day. Fits 96-04 Tacoma front, 96-02 4Runner front. Planning to tack weld a flange nut in the face of the old plug and reuse it because this new one will eventually strip as well. The fluid must be added through the 'Refill Plug' that on the side of the transmission. I started with the Stillsons. drain plug stuck. The top (fill) plug was loose - could rotate it with my fingers. Motivx Tools Oil Filter Wrench for Toyota, Lexus, and Scion 2. To date, the world's favourite pick-up has recorded cumulative global sales of over 16 million units. Had about 1/2 the front diff cover bolts free when I noticed a bonified drain plug on the bottom. Shocks (Gabriel Safari) Front - G56189 Left Rear - G56167 Apr 09, 2013 · Once at operating temperature remove the Allen plug and you will have an initial trickle of transmission fluid. The filler plug as stated was removed with a 17mm wrench. A drain plug is used to remove oil from the engine. Genuine Toyota Front Differential Filler Plug Hilux 2005-2015 90341-T0002 Why buy Genuine Toyota? Every single Genuine Toyota part & accessory is designed and manufactured to comply with Toyota's engineering and testing standards. The level is correct when oil comes out the 'Overflow Plug' when the oil is between 46° C and 56° C. I had tried a torch and a hammer and everything I had in me and could not apply enough torque to the front differential drain plug on my 2006 Toyota Sequoia until I used this tool. Fill the front differential case with 3. Start the engine and let it idle and then move the shift level through the complete range of gears to circulate the fluid. Front Diff Fill Plug for Prado Hilux Landcruiser FJ Cruiser Genuine for - Compare prices of 137188 products in Auto Parts from 255 Online Stores in Australia. , refill with gear lube until it dribbles out of the fill hole, reinstall fill plug with new crush washer, torque to 29 ft. Continue to add transmission fluid until you have a steady flow then stop the fluid and allow the drain tube to come to a slow drip. Chris The front drain plug was very difficult to remove. Must check this!) Explore the latest vehicle specifications for the Toyota Hilux Pickup KUN26 2005-2011 model with the 3. 00; Nitro Toyota 8" Clamshell Stub Axle Bearing Removal Tool $ 63. Front Diff. 5 Mb) Diy Factory Service / Repair / Maintenance Manual DOWNLOAD HERE "2005 - 2009 TOYOTA HILUX REPAIR MANUAL" - DOWNLOAD (41. Aug 11, 2011 · * toyota hilux service manual download * 05 front diff oil change hilux * hilux 2007 petrol mechanical repair manual * workshop manual toyota hilux 2005 * 2008 Toyota hilux speed input signal * manual toyota hilux 2005 * toyota hilux rear brake assembly * Toyota HiLux 2006 owners manual * toyota hilux workshop manual free * electrical manual hilux Swapped mine over from gas a while back and put a diesel tank in the back of it,and it has a drain plug ,but it is out of lwb. 00. What's weird is I tried breaking the front fill plug loose last week with 2 ft of 1/2" drive ext and a universal ext so I could get at it outside the wheel well. It is a 24mm diameter magnetic plug with a female allen key head. Whilst most factory protection is sufficient for protecting your vehicle from stone damage, a more robust solution is required to increase protection from rocks, stumps and ruts encountered in more challenging terrain. Also on BF sedans it changed from the imperial socket to a metric 32mm socket. Toyota 8. Oil Pan Drain Plug Leak. 0 D4D diesel 1KD-FTV engine code. This plug protudes into the diff housing – make sure it is the same one you are replacing and that it can not hit any moving parts when installed ! '79-85 Trucks and 4Runners all have 4-cylinder engines and use what most call the 4cyl 8" diff in the front (the same one they use in the rear)- see "4cyl 8" diff" below. Some drain plugs are magnetic whereas level plugs are not, this plug is a direct replacement of the original Toyota magnetic drain plug & washer. Year 2011 - 2015 Sales region Europe Frame KUN25 grade DLX ENGINE 2KDFTV DESTINATION EUR DECK SD CAB THSCB Model HILUX From 07. Front diff drain plug needed a long lever to loosen. To ensure reliability, purchase Toyota part # 90341-24014 PLUG, FRONT DIFFERENTIAL DRAIN. It is sometimes referred to as Toyota Drain Plug . As I said it is best to use a socket. When you get the bolt and nuts together, you'll see what I mean. 24mm Hex to 10mm Allen Hex Diff Plug Removal Tool Servicing the front diff on a Hilux or Prado can be quite a task when the diff fill and drain plugs become hard to remove. Like the drain, its a hex plug. Toyota Hilux mk2 front bumper 83-89 4x4 4x2 model Hilux mk2 bumper Solid with surface rust Comes in good condition no mot, fuel leak from fuel pump, exhaust requires replacement. Wipe the area round the plug with a rag to clean away any grit, then take out the plug. Now the key does not fit into the plug properly. When it comes to your Toyota Tundra, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. 4L I4 engine, to improve engine performance and longevity. This kit has been designed to comprehensively stop your front diff from bending, This is the same kit as used on all the Road Runner Offroad race cars, It is designed to be welded to your Diff housing, so you will need to do some work to get the benefits from this kit, MAGNETIC DRAIN PLUG GENUINE NISSAN 32103U840A GU GQ NAVARA Genuine nissan diff drain plug for front and rear diffs TOYOTA HILUX TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION ENGINE 2. Year 1979 - 1983 Sales region General Frame RN46 grade STD body T1 ENGINE 18R DESTINATION EUR CAB ECB Model HILUX From 01. Nope. but more towards the front end of the truck. 0-litre D-4D Engine code 2KD-FTV 1KD-FTV Cylinder arrangement Four in-line Four in-line Capacity (cc) 2,494 2,982 Valve mechanism 16-valve DOHC 16-valve DOHC Bore x stroke (mm) 92. hilux front diff drain plug

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