What we do

We have three areas of work:

Industrial automation systems
MES ERP systems integration
Industrial gas analysis systems

Industrial automation

Our industrial automation offering includes:

● PLC and MCC electrical panels (Siemens and Rockwell)
● PLC control software (process control, motion control, HVAC system)
● HMI supervision software (Wonderware and Ignition)
● MES applications development (Download/Retrieve plant floor devices, Data Collection, Tracking and Data Library)
● Project development per GAMP regulation and for ATEX zones
● Process equipment
● Connections
● Installation, first-run, and technical assistance

MES ERP integration

In this field, our offering consists of the creation of turnkey software applications tailored to the client and his manufacturing organization.

Our proposal includes the following MES sectors:

● ERP interface for the acquisition of production orders and their scheduling
● Production orders visualization and work schedule auto-download activation to the on-field devices
● Data logging with in-real-time plant data collection
● Products and operations identification (e.g., bar code, RFID transponder).
● The process of variables acquisition (e.g., PLC, machines, computers)
● The manual data entry (e.g., laboratory data, operator notes)
● Each product or batch Tracking with thorough production information: the used materials, presentation report, and updating of information in the company's ERP
● Data Library with automatic information management (e.g., specific features, production notes) of each order automatically presented to workers.

The industrial sectors in which we have mostly developed MES applications are:

● Heat treatments
● Technical and medical gases
● Steel wires
● Glass
● Packaging

Industrial gas analysis 

Thanks to twenty years of experience in the field, Solware presents itself as a valid and reliable partner. The firm can assist the client throughout all the implementation steps and subsequent maintenance of the analysis system.
The company can provide:

● Design and implementation of the analysis system
● Maintenance service and systems periodic calibration
● IAR, AST, and QAL2 calibrations
● Consulting about Enforcing legislation
● Use of QAL1 certified analyzers

The analysis system heart is the data storage and control system. Our development team continuously follows legislative updates to ensure always compliant products with current regulations.
Our strengths are:

● Compliance with TU Environment, 4343/2010 Lombardy Regional Law and ARPA and ISPRA guidelines
● Intuitive, user-friendly HMI interface
● Forecast of parameters of the concertation value
● QAL2 and QAL3 verifications Management
● Redundant configurations to minimize data loss